Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics RI, CT, MA

In order to engrave or etch something from a picture, drawing, sketch, etc., it has to be converted/created into a vectorized format. That means it has to be transformed from a positive picture to a negative picture.

Barbron of Bradford, Rhode Island take pride in our expertise of doing just that. Give us a picture, drawing, rough sketch, or even the idea of what you want to create and we can make it happen. And there’s no limitation on proof copies either…the final proof is when you’re pleased with it. Period.

Take a look at the sequence to the right to give you an idea of what we can accomplish.

So, give us a call and tell us what you would like… it’s as simple as that.

Please visit our gallery page for more examples of our work.

1. We took this picture

2. From which we created this vectorized image


3. Barbron then engraved it in granite above


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