Natural Stone

Natural Stone Engraving RI, CT, MA

Barbron of Bradford, Rhode Island are the specialists in sandblast engraving rough surfaced, natural stone, which requires special techniques and processes unlike those used for smooth, fabricated stone, such as finished granite.

We deeply engrave your lettering or graphics with distinct, sharp edges and stain it with a special stone tone, lasting hundreds of years, if not more!

Plus, part of our standard service guarantees that you will get exactly what you want…because you will actually see it before we do it!

Here’s what we do:

  • We take a digital picture of the stone
  • We then take your lettering/graphics and superimpose it to scale on the stone
  • The superimposed rendition is then emailed to you for your approval or editing

Not until you are totally satisfied and approve the superimposed proof copy do we start actual production!

Take a look at the two pictures on the right and you can see what we mean. Please take a look at our gallery page to see more of our completed work.

Superimposed On Stone

Completed Engraving


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