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Creative Monuments RI, CT, MA

Barbron of Bradford, Rhode Island caters to the customer that wants something special and individualized, which depicts the life of a loved one and/or their relationship with family. Not just the standard, “Beloved Wife/Husband…” engravings that you see on most monuments. But, in many instances, a one-of-a-kind illustration created just for that person.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the graphics we created and engraved on the right. Note: Only the graphic engravings on the monuments are shown with respect to our customer’s privacy.

Top-Right: This gentleman loved flying and flew a T-34 Mentor trainer with the Civil Air Patrol. Notice the aircraft numbers on the tail…it’s the month and year of his birth.

Bottom-Right: Of Irish descent, the daughter of this lady wanted the Celtic Cross and the Irish Claddagh combined and engraved as the centerpiece to her monument.

Below: This gentleman loved and spent his entire working life in excavation. His family wanted to honor that endeavor.

And, these graphics are sandblast engraved, not lightly etched with a laser. They will last for centuries.

Give us a call on our Office Telephone: 401.377.4688 or Cell Phone: 401.932.3890 and we’ll start working on that one-of-a-kind monument for that one-of-a-kind person.

Please visit our gallery page for more examples of our work.


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